1. Democratize “video essay” as an accessible platform of expression to generate new communities
  2. Enrich our media vocabulary for the articulation of individual views afforded by digital technology
  3. Develop a virtual environment that is at once a magazine, gallery and archive, which allows repeated visits, is expandable, and with retaining value
  • A video zine/gallery is not a remedial digital platform, but a permanent “place” of exchange that overcomes time gaps and spatial separation to envision a new normal.
  • D-Normal/V-Essay seeks to augment the virtual world as a platform with rich potentials and distinct affordances, subsequently to facilitate the exchange of beliefs, art-making, communication, the generation of new spaces of articulation, and the cultivation of new modes of expressions.
  • Through stretching the idea of a video essay, this on-line video zine+gallery gathers work submitters and visitors to form an accommodative community that innovates artistic and communicative vocabularies.

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