TAM Lok-yee Christy
“Zemblanity” is the antonym of serendipity. It means making unhappy, unlucky and expected discoveries occur by design. In this work, zemblanity is the protagonist’s discovery of the tragic destiny he has to face. 
Several works I’ve seen have inspired Zemblanity:
1. Chinese Odyssey Part 1: Pandora's Box 《西遊記第壹佰零壹回之月光寶盒》(HK, 1995)
Joker (played by Stephen Chow), with the help of a Pandora's Box that becomes a time portal with moonlight, travels back in time to save his lover's life, and he ends up traveling back to 500 years ago.
2. My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday (2016) is a 2016 Japanese romantic movie in which the two protagonists (starring Komatsu Nana 小松菜奈 and Fukushi Sota 福士蒼汰) live in parallel spacetimes and can only meet for 30 days every five years. 
3. La Jetée (1962, French science fiction, dir. Chris Marker) describes a prisoner after World War III being turned into a test subject for Scientists studying time travel so as to save the present with the past and the future.
In place of the usual emphasis on fate-encounter and inseparability of two persons in love, I have adopted “time travel” to be my main narrative strategy.

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Christy Tam (TAM Lok-yee)  is in her second year majoring in Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong. She is a well-rounded learner in art, including photography, videography, design, drawing and music. Fascinated by expressionism, she is now an enthusiastic explorer of different dimensions of arts and strongly inclined to finetune ways she could deliver her thoughts and articulate her experiences through artistic means.