True Friend
True Friend
This piece comes from my constant encounter of difficulties in interpersonal relationships. It occurs to me that people often make friends with hidden purposes though some genuinely care for others. This work speaks of my ideal image of true friendship and deep relationship.

All the pictures are my own hand-drawn work. I keep the two characters in fixed postures throughout with variation in other elements so as to call attention to the passing away of time, and also to facilitate viewers to notice the changing details. The pictures grow thicker, but also darker, and provoke more questions about relationships than my own answer. 

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I am LAW Yee-lam, a Year 3 Material Science and Engineering student from the City University of Hong Kong. With no previous formal art education from schools due to reality issues, drawing is always one of my hobbies. To explore art related areas, minoring in creative media allows me to fulfil my dream. I hope I can discover more about myself.