Trigger the Lost Past Pass
Ittiteerarak Weera It
04:01 | 16:9 | 2021
Location : Hong Kong 香港
Memories and sensations grow after moving back once again to the New Territories. It was where I had my first home in Hong Kong. Blurry boundaries of my identities. Memories of my father. ...

The voice-over was scripted in both Thai and Cantonese

The work was shot a bit at a time every morning when walking my dog, from 6 May to 22 December 2020, a total of 228 days. A total of1829 frames played 8 frames per second resulted in a stop-motion animation.

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Weera-it Ittiteerarak (วีระอิทธิ์ อิทธิธีรรักษ์; 張國樑), also known as itit (b. 1994) is a Hong Kong-born-Thai and a Hong Kong-based interdisciplinary artist. His cross-cultural background allows him to develop a unique sensitivity  to his surroundings, artistically and scientifically.

Itit is interested in environmental issues, psychiatric conditions and sustainability of human and nonhuman relationships. He creates with various mediums.
itit was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified) in 2015; he transforms his acute senses into his artistic practice by triggering human sensations through sound, light, and smell. His one-year project, Wheel Our City (2017), received the Student Early Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (SEEDS) in 2017/2018 and Certificate of Recognition for Discovery & Innovation Award in 2017 from the City University of Hong Kong.He received his Bachelor of Arts & Science (honors) in New Media from the School of Creative Media, the City University of Hong Kong in 2020.

Keywords 關鍵字

Interconnection, anthropocene, posthuman, identity, dualism