Tiny Lisa
Louise Pau
0'47" | 16:9 | 2017
Location : USA 美國
“How do people relate to objects today, to objects of significance and popularity?”

Summer 2010 Louvre museum, Paris. I stood in front of Mona Lisa. Between us a big crowd of tourists. Mona Lisa was smaller than I expected.

Summer 2014 Alexandria, Egypt. I downloaded Instagram because everyone around me was using it.

I wanted to fit in.

Fall 2016 Computer Lab, USA. I was scrolling through #monalisa on IG and found a great collection of similar looking selfies. There I decided to download everyone’s selfies and make what is now known as Tiny Lisa.
Tiny Lisa is a compilation of people’s desire to own a piece of Mona Lisa through the selfie. To me, Mona Lisa is the journey from flesh and blood to oil to pixel and more.


Louise Pau

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Louise Pau is a Hongkong-based moving image artist whose works grapple with the identity of a Hong Konger in the face of post-colonialism and shifting power structures. Her works seek to visualize intentions of the present and imagines the slow unravelling of its consequences. She currently works primarily on hand drawn animation on paper and incorporates found objects and documents. Her works have been screened in festivals including Animafest Zagreb, GLAS, Fantoche, VOID, and IFVA. She received her MFA from the California Institute of the Arts in Experimental Animation after her Bachelor’s degree in film from Hong Kong Baptist University. Her latest film is Survival HK (2019).


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Instagram, Mona Lisa, Selfie