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DING Cheuk-laam
04:35 | 4:3 | 2020
Location : Hong Kong, Guangxi 香港、廣西
"As I was looking for a place to stay, I realised most of the windows had a view of walls.

“On an unsafe night in mid-July 2019, he and I began to talk incessantly. Soon after that, I went to study Chinese Medicine in Guangxi. In order to save money, I looked for a place opposite the school in the village inside the city, an area literally called "village within the city" (城中村). The rent seemed the lowest in the city, so many migrant workers from other provinces were attracted to settle down there. As for him, he has moved out (to another city). He would always share photos of food with me as we were talking about our lives, which refueled our exhausted spirits and bodies with something.”


「2019年7月中旬在一個不平安的晚上開始與他無間斷的交談。後來我到了廣西讀書,為了節省金錢,在學校對面的城中村找房子。這裡的租金基乎是這城市最便宜的,聚集許多外來打工的人居住。至於移居異地的他,在分享生活時刻上總有食物的照片, 填充彼此匱乏的精神和身體。」

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DING Cheuk-laam’s creation concerns the relationship between poetry, videography and daily experiences . 

In 2017-2018, she had organized two screenings for a series she created, titled “Having A Balanced Diet,” for the Floating Projects, to encourage experimental videos to become part of our daily basis.

Ding received her Bachelor of Arts and Science (Honours) in New Media from City University of Hong Kong’s School of Creative Media in 2017.

丁卓藍 , 2017年畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體學院。一直從事在影像方面的創作和策劃 , 並探究影像丶詩歌與行為的敍事規律和多樣性。

曾於2017 至 2019 年策劃《日常飲像影食》系列的放映會共兩次,展示「實驗」影像走向日常化,如何擴大生活的視野和習慣。


Keywords 關鍵字

Migration, home, food
遷移, 居所,, 食物