lukewarm water, slow-boiling pot
溫水 慢火
This photo montage sequence is a narrative on the predicament of time and space. Alluding to the metaphor of boiling a frog in water, it is assumed that a frog will jump out when water heats up whereas in lukewarm water a frog may fail to perceive danger or death coming. lukewarm water is about our being oblivious to growing threats: the "slow-boiling pot" could be the illusion of a comfort zone from which we should step out for survival. 

In the Chinese sense of the title, water 水 and fire 火, rather than rivals, are supporting each other like time and space cannot be separate. Iron fences, flowers and so on are not just objects but also metaphors of our broader context of life. There is no specific situation in this story, but a collage of our everyday environment. Recycling. Reaching out. Day-dreaming. Keep trying things that are doomed to fail. “Never say never.” “Such is life!” Or, when do I get out of lukewarm water before too late?

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GUO Rui (Gray), born and raised in mainland China,  is a Cantonese-speaking new media artist, currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. Her art practice focuses on computation art, especially in code-writing, which revolves around contemporary interpretations of Chinese culture and philosophy. She is also concerned about cross-cultural communication, putting efforts in Chinese translation and transnational art-collaboration.