Light Time
NG Ka-kei
“We don’t see light, we see the reflection of light.” It reminds me that light tells a lot – clock-time, space, mood … . 
Hence I ask myself …
Can I tell a story with the reflection of light as the main element? Where does light come from? What is the direction and angle of light? How does it create interaction?
Lights in different environments have a different shape and texture, which I wish to turn into the vertical thickness of my image narrative, hopefully to sustain viewers' attentiveness.
As for the horizontal trajectory, I want my montage work to flow with greater change and contrast as it moves forward, from indoor to outdoor. “Light” is the only character. But “behind” the camera and the images, who is there? Is that me? Other people? Or a cat? What are they/she/he/it thinking? What is going to happen next? 
To me, “light” is also the opposite of heaviness – a young woman walking around finding peace as light guides her. Would the lights in my work connect with the audience's personal experience? Would their imagination move with my images?

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NG Ka-kei is in the second year of her Bachelor’s studies at the School of Creative Media. She finds it hard to define or describe herself accurately, and she is not sure if it is a good or bad thing.