Huang Anlan (Yasmine Huang)
7’48” | 16:9 | 2020 | HD
Original Language : English 英文 & Mandarin 國語 & Japanese 日語 | Subtitle : English 英文 & Simplified Chinese 簡體中文
Location : New York, Hong Kong
Genesis is narrated by two characters, human idol Yasmine and virtual idol Yasmine. Multiple storylines and audio-visual discourses, alluding to Italo Calvino’s narrative methods, converge on the physicality-virtuality dichotomy. How do we justify innocence and fragility in the social media milieu? Is it even possible to pursue unmediated and non-capitalized love? What could the two characters talk about?


Anlan Huang(Yasmine)

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Born in Guangzhou, Yasmine Huang now works and lives as a digital nomad. She received her BA in Creative Media (City University of Hong Kong) and MA in Literary and Cultural Studies (HKU), currently pursuing an MFA degree in Photography at Parsons School of Design (New York). Her works draw inspiration from poetry, philosophy, pop culture, and under articulated life experiences. Her play with photography and found materials challenges the physical-virtual, factual-fictional dichotomies and to reveal contradictions in mainstream narratives. Recent projects were featured at Ars Electronica (Austria, 2020); SpeakAIR Online Residency (SpeakART, Canada, 2020); Paradise (Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, China, 2019); Money Exchange (Floating Projects, Hong Kong, 2019), and Monthly Photography (Korea, 2019).

Keywords 關鍵字

digitized intimacy