FUNG Hoi-ching
As a social being, I adjust as changes come along with people around me. For better or worse, I often feel obliged to fulfill the expectation of others. But social standards change, too. We may easily feel lost.

In this piece, I use hair to represent a part of my identity and my ego. Hair could be hair style, a marker of one’s ethnicity and more. In the story, someone’s identity seems lost in the city and yet the only way to recover it is neither to follow the signs inside the city nor to ask others. Perhaps his “identity” is just in his body and has never been lost. Where is the mirror in which he could see himself? And who makes that mirror? And how to ensure the mirror is not obscure?

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Fung Hoi-ching is interested in observing. She questions human existence and self-identity in her works. By experimenting with sound, she lets the audiences feel and enter worlds that are not originally theirs. She is a major in Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong.