Fading Stone
CHU Yiu-wai
03:55 | 19:9 | 2020
Location : Hong Kong 香港
Fading Stone is a drawing machine that uses water as the drawing medium. Based on calculated modelling, the mechanical moving parts and assembly of woodworking, this drawing machine makes continuous circular drawings. The mechanical parts are my original design made by 3D printing. The core of this machine is an esp8266 wi-fi Arduino microcontroller, which controls the drawing patterns and speed, and the flow of water can be adjusted wirelessly by a tablet or laptop computer.

The machine processes enableme to contemplate the question of the recurring cycle of prosperity and decline. The culture integrity and values of my place are gradually disappearing, and I just artlessly hope that I can recover what is lost. The imperturbable drawing machine replaces me in expressing my perseverance. With water as a metaphor, it struggles to draw a stone with water, and even a mountain, if possible. Water leaves no traces; it just transforms a shape into another form, with more and more new traces on the canvas.

My work expresses my thoughts on an artist’s survival, and the reality of the survival of the fittest.  I want to build trust and hope with the audience.  From machine aesthetics, I have learnt something about operating systems. This is my take on the use of art.

Under the influence of the pandemic and the social movement in Hong Kong, this work is a record of a part of the great changes that are taking place at the moment.

《退色的石頭》是一部以水作媒介的繪畫機器。這部繪畫機器以一個圓形循環為主體繪畫影像,應用了原創的座標定位計算程式產生影像,而機器內裏的活動機械組件全都是個人的獨特設計和三維打印而成。繪畫機的核心使用 esp8266 wifi arduino module ,透過無線方式控制繪畫的圖像速度與其他運作部份。

透過創造這部機器,從算式上的運算,零件模型的塑造,到木工的裝嵌,我讓自己冷靜地去思考一個問題 -- 盛與衰的循環。身邊的文化與價值逐漸消失,心裏只是單向地盼望這些失去的東西會再次回來。這部繪畫機器亦冷靜地代替了我表達這個願望 -- 以水作比喻,努力地以水畫出一塊石頭,甚至是一座山。雖然水乾掉了不留下痕跡,但它只是化成另一種形態,到最後亦都會變回水流到畫布上畫出新的痕跡。

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Graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s SPEED with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied and Media Art in 2007, CHU Yiu-wai (Price) is a part-time lecturer at the Hong Kong Design Institute, and Creative Director of A Stroke Design Limited and Fishycraft. Since 2002, he has participated in many Hong Kong and overseas exhibitions. His artworks mainly explore performance and new media art in response to social and cultural issues, including the local art ecology. His works have been collected by private collectors and art museums.



Keywords 關鍵字

Kinetic Art, drawing machine, “Be water”,, cycle of prosperity and decline
動力藝術, , , 繪畫機器,, 如水, 盛與衰的循環