Kyungwon Song
6' 21" | 16:9 | 2019 | HD (.mov)
Location : USA , South Korea 美國、南韓
“Jesa” (제사, 祭祀) is a ceremony commonly practiced in Korea. Jesa functions as a memorial ritual for the ancestors of the participants, usually held on the anniversary of the ancestor's death, and is South Korea’s most important holiday.

To perform ancestral rituals, the household of the family’s eldest son is charged with the responsibility to prepare many kinds of food. Family members set a table for their ancestors and do a performance serving the food to ancestors. After the ceremony, they share the food and have a meal together.

The video, Jesa,  reveals gender dynamics and inter-generational communication of this tradition from a female point of view. Through the unexpected interviews and stop-motion technique, the work breaks the solemnity of the tradition with humor.

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Director/Animator : Kyungwon Song
Music : Roger Sungpil Kim

Kyungwon Song is a Korean born independent animator currently based in Los Angeles. She is interested in non-fiction animation and her main medium is early film techniques and stop-motion.

The films she directed have appeared internationally including in Busan International Film Festival, Annecy, Ann Arbor, Visions du Réel, 25 FPS Festival, and more. Song directed a PSA for the gender equality campaign of the UN Women, HeForShe. Her latest video, Jesa, won Best Women Director at Argo Untold Stories Short Film Awards 2020, Public Jury Prize at Inde-AniFest 2020, and Best Documentary Shorts at Indie Memphis Film Festival. 

Song holds a BFA and MFA in Experimental Animation from the California Institute of the Arts and a BFA in East Asian Traditional Painting from Hong-Ik University.

Keywords 關鍵字

Tradition, object, ritual, gender dynamic, family