Glory of Kaohsiung
CHANG Chih-chung
10' 38" | Full HD 16:9 | 2020 | mp4
Original Language : Mandarin 國語 | Subtitle : English 英文 & Traditional Chinese 繁體中文
Location : Kaohsiung, Taiwan 台灣高雄
Based on personal experiences in the past and his studies of Kaohsiung’s harbor history, Chang composed a first-person narrative text of a stealthy ghost, telling his story with the detached voice of a broadcaster and through a projection flipping through pages of information with almost non-existent hands. Thus he takes us through the rise and fall of the Port of Kaohsiung, the dramatic life of Lee Lien-Chih, "Father of Kaohsiung Harbor," the fragility and absurdity of civilization exposed by the threat of a double typhoon invasion in July 1977, and the gray areas of a debate on the city's "glory" -- and all these strands interwoven, dialectically.

Original licenses

CC BY (Creative Commons License - Attribution)

Born 1986 in Taiwan, CHANG Chih-chung received his MFA from the National Taiwan Normal University. He lives and works in Kaohsiung.
Chang’s works have won first prize of the Kaohsiung Awards (2019), were the finalist of Taoyuan International Art Award (2021, pending), selected in Taipei Art Awards (2020) and nominated for Taishin Arts Award (2020), have been presented in the National Art Exhibition (2017), and are part of the permanent collection at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and Art Bank Taiwan. His works have been exhibited across Taiwan and internationally. The artist has participated in artist residency programs in Taiwan, Korea, Nepal, Norway and Finland, and took part in the post-earthquake reconstruction and art exchange program Solastalgia in Lalitpur, Nepal, and The Arctic Circle residency and expedition program in Svalbard, Norway. He participated in Mediations Biennale in Poznan, Poland, and was invited as independent scholar to present at ICHSEA in Jeonju, Korea, as Taiwanese artist representative in PORT JOURNEYS in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and as visiting artist to Rinehart School of Sculpture, MICA in Baltimore, USA.
Chang’s artworks deal with rapidly-changing environments like ship, island, water as well as port, and through textural and spatial processes of investigation, collection, interweave and reconstruction. He seeks to unveil the universal experiences of the tension and gray area between human civilization and nature, as they constantly shape each other. His works are usually realized based on a core narrative text, in forms of video, installation, photography, painting, documents as well as site-specific projects and workshops. Chang was the co-founder of alternative art space Waley Art located in western Taipei. He is also an avid observer of the role of maritime culture in public education and knowledge systems in Taiwan.

作品曾獲得高雄獎首獎(2019)、桃源國際藝術獎(2021、待公布)決選、入選臺北美術獎(2020)、全國美展(2017),台新藝術獎季提名(2020),並獲高美館、國美館、藝術銀行典藏,於台灣與世界各地皆有展演。曾於台灣、韓國、尼泊爾、挪威、芬蘭等地駐村,參與尼泊爾拉利特浦爾Solastalgia、挪威斯瓦巴The Arctic Circle、波蘭波茲南Mediations Biennale,以獨立學者身份受邀至韓國全州ICHSEA、台灣高雄PORT JOURNEYS年會、以及美國巴爾的摩馬里蘭藝術學院Rinehart雕塑學院參訪藝術家。

Keywords 關鍵字

Port of Kaohsiung, typhoon, history, Nntional plan, glory
高雄港, 颱風, 歷史, 國家計劃, 光榮