Death Anxiety
Cora Kwun (KWUN Kam-tan)
Deaths around me over the years inspired this piece – I mean, the sudden departure of my relatives, friends, and teachers... Before they died, they looked healthy, risk-less, and lively. Then death occurred without any signals. But the moments of how they made it through their final struggle stay in my mind: their body shakes with their fast heartbeat, skinniness from cancer, a sinking body that’s found. I stood by their deathbed, anxious about my own death and when. This short piece is about my death fantasy: before-death, after-death, and rebirth. 

Some inspirations: 
1. As soon as we are born, we are old enough to die. -- Martin Heidegger
2. Ego integrity -- Erik Erikson
3. sadgati (सद्गति, six realms wheel of life in Sanskrit) -- Buddhism

The horizontal flow of narrative in this work unfolds a 3-act journey of mine from death to rebirth. The starting point is like hiking. Upon death I have no choice but jump down. I die, and yet some senses remain with my body, but slowly disappear until my body becomes a new source of energy feeding flies, and then new life dawns on me.
Ego integrity. My whole life goes through my mind at the last moment; and I remember those happy moments only. Meanwhile, my brain no longer functions, my identity twists. My spirit is collected and brought to ṣaḍgati.
I become an egg.
Then I meet the sperm, we melt together and become a new life.
Oops, I will start this cycle again as a fly.

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Cora Kwun, born 2002, is an undergraduate major in Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong. She creates illustrations, animation and collages. Her interdisciplinary art includes the areas of psychology and philosophy. In her work, she asserts her spiritual freedom and explores the meaning and reason of being by examining herself against the negative side of human nature.