Black Rain
Rain has its own colors. Transparent rain washes away dust and impurities in the world, while black rain fills the earth with another layer of turbidity. A man stands on the empty land of the earth, eager to receive a baptism from the rain, without any obstruction, nor any protection. Black rain comes down from the sky with a fierce and growing intensity, soaking him. There is no way back, no return. The black rain flows through his hair, wraps his face, invades the torso and the whole body, until it penetrates the soul.

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WANG Siyu, in her junior year of undergraduate studies, is based in mainland China and Hong Kong. As a creator, she realized her passion for arts at the School of Creative Media and Media & Communication and her interests focus on speculative design and narratives. She is now actively exploring the fields of filmmaking, photography, acting, screenwriting and visual design.