Anthropology of Dead Body
Hana Yoo
10' 30" | 16:9 | 2019 | Digital.mp4
Original Language : English 英文 | Subtitle : English 英文
Location : Germany 德國
Anthropology of Dead Body investigates the dead body across different symbolic orders. The dead body is a peculiar matter located between the human and nonhuman, material and immaterial, as well as the precious and the abandoned among living humans. Staged as a pseudo-educational documentary, the video raises questions about the nature of categorization and focuses on the discrimination engendered from the hierarchy of the binaries.

The narration, adopting extreme simplicity and naivité, creates ruthless categorization and paradoxically emphasizes contingency. Is it not because we really detest and fear a certain matter, but because we know that the matter and the person we despise are, in fact, parts of ourselves that they will always come back to us?

Original licenses

CC BY-NC (Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial)
Full credit list

script, edit, camera : Hana Yoo
Academic consultant : Dr.Gretchen Bakke
camera assistant : Markus Köhler

Hana Yoo works with experimental video/film that investigates the nature of artificiality and its political entanglement, along with the altered mental states derived from technical apparatuses. She engages with the allegory of nature and interrelation of bodies, which she then weaves through storytelling. Investigating liminal matters that stay in between human and nonhuman, living and nonliving - such as the dead body, livestock, desert, and machine - has been the fulcrum in her artistic practice. Her works have been shown at museums and festivals including the Fotomuseum (Winterthur, Switzerland), European Media Art Festival (EMAF), and Busan International Video Art Festival (Busan, South Korea), among others. She lives and works in Berlin.

Keywords 關鍵字

Environmental, anthropology, waste, dead body, human