02:34 | 1440x1080 | 2020 | MEPG
Location : Belgium
COMET 01 is the first of a series of video diptychs playing with the notions of desire VS intimacy and beauty VS closeness.
Lisa & Louise attended the same art school in Brussels: ENSAV - La Cambre /
Yet they didn't know each other /
Lisa studied photography /
But doesn't believe in the relevancy of institutionalized art studies/

They met at a bar/
Lisa is an artist who practices photography, video, performance and installation/
Louise works as a costume designer and a creative director/
Then a pink moon lit the sky/
And they decided to follow it together /
They soon came up with a plan/ That every inch of their life would become a story for later/
For they believe in the power of a good narrative/
Whether it'd be literary, visual, material or audible/
No wonder their names speak of tales and stones/
Leconte & Lapierre 2020/


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Director : LEL
Editor : Lisa Lapierre
Voice : Louise Leconte

LEL main medias are photography, video, texts and audio. They often bring them together in installation art questioning their interlacement.
On open window on daily life, their work stretches from intimacy to documentation, scratching the surface of time to make the texture more appealing. Details of human-made materials, suspended time, flushed faces at parties, the lost gaze of teenagers, every inch of life is polished and compiled into visual installations and printed publications.
An apple on a table, a tablecloth of waxed canvas, a coffee upon waking, and suddenly the fruit becomes a target, placed on a skull, and the possibility of catching an arrow in the eye is drawn, it’s all these perceptions that she aims to transpose. ​

Keywords 關鍵字

Video essay, desire, tender, intimacy, extimacy