Hypothesis Voyager
Tzu-Huan Lin
19' | 16:9 | 2020 | mp4
Original Language : English 英文 | Subtitle : Traditional Chinese 繁體中文
Location : United State/ Taiwan 美國/ 台灣
Hypothesis Voyager is a road trip film that weaves social theory with a trip to the west of the United States. The journey based on the movement of the film travels through the past and future. The images of an ancient cave, modern gallery, volcano, crater, and wild west merge into one loop to stasis the time. The way to find the loophole is to uncover what is immediately hidden right in front of our eyes.
This work consists of several visual components – a gallery social scene suggesting a first-person viewpoint, historical images of human shelter, a narrator speaking of the art works in the gallery, all of which flushes into the story of volcano Mt. Vesuvious showing the historical and mythological perspective of the crater’s formation. The artist’s camera shifts from a first-person onlooker to the vehicle that transports viewers through time and space. The narrator connects each chamber of visual components as she also affectively transforms, creating tours and making detours.


Tzu-Huan Lin 林子桓

Original licenses

CC BY (Creative Commons License - Attribution)
Full credit list

Producer : Amanda Nedham
Producer : Shirley Wu
Assistant Dierctor : Jessie Chang
DP : Shao Wen Liang

LIN Tzu-Huan Lin creates video and installation-based works. To address problems in the digital era, his works embrace a broad variety of subject matters and sources, including mythology, historical events, science theory, pseudo-documentary, and sometimes abstract narrative works coupled with immersive installations. Lin was born in 1986 in Taipei. He received an MFA in Digital Arts at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, where he is based. Lin’s work has been included in international group exhibitions such as "the 15th Digital Art Festival Taipei," "the 6th International Video Art Exhibition," "ADAF 14th Athens Digital Arts Festival" and solo exhibitions at Taipei Fine Art Museum and Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, also in Taipei.

林子桓,1986年生於台北台灣,目前生活與創作於紐約布魯克林。於普瑞特藝術院於2013年畢業。創作形式以敘事性的影片與浸入式的空間裝置。空間裝置通常包含雕塑與繪畫。議題以研究的方式結合不相同的事件以探索藝術的不同樣貌與數位時代的問題。利用各種各樣的資源,包括神話,歷史事件,科學理論,偽紀錄片,有時是抽象的敘事作品,與沈浸式裝置相互作用。創作的內容以研究為出發點,透過對研究主題的理解後再自我詮釋與其他相關議題結合,在散亂的敘事中漸漸形塑出作品的主題。並透過空間裝置去強化觀者的感受作者對主題的世界觀。作品曾展出在2020台北數位藝術節01Love,"離線瀏覽Offline Browser|2018 第六屆台灣國際錄像藝術展","ADAF 2018 |第14屆雅典數位藝術節",2020關渡美術館個展"假想圖集與旅行者",2017年於台北美術館的個展"銜尾蛇"等。


Keywords 關鍵字

Video Essay, Travel, Cave theory, Socializing, Crater