The Cluster
Deborah Uhde
6' 59" | 16:9 | 2017 | mov
Location : Inisheer, Ireland
It is a necessity for me to see things together that are systematically separated in analytic orders. I am a blind spot fetishist. I knot bizarre webs of imaginations and thoughts. With such webwork I intend to cross the gaps between the orders. I recreate geographies of consciousness in which I move, pacing and cutting across. While mapping the scenery I am also about to leave it. The point is not finite cartography. I care about the scope and a space that puzzles me about transitory infinity, enclosed by a semipermeable film. I am a blind spot fetishist. I develop essay films and installations.


Deborah Uhde

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Concept, Editing, Sound : Deborah Uhde

Deborah Uhde is a media artist and film editor. She specialises in documentary, essayistic and experimental films, as well as installative formats. Her films have been shown in different occasions during festivals and gallery shows such as International Film Festival Rotterdam, Hanoi DocLab, Berliner Festspiele, Berlin Art Week, Art Basel and Contemporary Art Ruhr. She is currently editing Limbo Documentary.

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Cluster, Sorites Paradox, Life Transforming, Environmental