24-a letter to my parents
Rannie Ip
03' 19" | 4:3 | 2020 | Digital HD
Original Language : Vietnamese | Subtitle : English 英文
Location : Hong Kong
This video recorded my daily journey of returning home from school in 2015-2017.
I revisited the route and illustrated it with my parents’ voices built into this video essay.
My mother is a Vietnamese and I guess it is not what she said but rather the sound of the language itself that gives me a warm embrace and special calling.  
Before I graduated from university, I wanted to make a video about my adolescent and young adult period, about my relationships with my family, schoolmates, friends and myself, and how all this shaped me. This video is a grand finale of that period and an encouragement to myself. 
This video is just a part of the process of my self-acceptance. We always find comfort from songs as we feel related to the lyrics. So, I want to make one that could always comfort me no matter if I am going through hardship or enjoying my life. I want the song to always remind me to have faith and hope in myself.


Ip Ka Man

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CC BY-ND (Creative Commons License Attribution-NoDerivs)
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: Nguyen Khanh Linh Narrator

Rannie Ip is a final year student of OUHK doing her BFA (hons.) in Cinematic Design and Photographic Digital Art. This programme will soon be eliminated and replaced by another programme, and the university will soon be renamed. 
“It seems that everything is in vain though, and I still want to reproduce these matters and feelings into video format.” 
Keywords 關鍵字

parents, Vietnamese, self-acceptence, relationships, love-hate
父母, 越南的 , 自我接納, 關係, 愛恨