les mystères de paris I
konstantinos-antonios goutos / the[video]Flâneu®
2' 22" | 4:3 | 2010 | Mini DV
Location : Paris, France 法國 巴黎
This piece is the first part of a new paris-made [video]series with the title les mystères de paris*

a co-incidental documentary take, an (un)usual moment

taken on june 26, 2011 at 2 p.m.
with a normal digital video apparatus

without tripod - without camera movement - without zooming

without special lighting - without extra microphone - without effects

the sound and the length of the shooting are the original

there are no cuts in the scene

*The Mysteries of Paris (French: Les Mystères de Paris) is a novel by Eugène Sue which was published serially in Journal des débats from 19 June 19 1842 until 15 October 1843.

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konstantinos-antonios goutos / the[video]Flâneu® 
*Born 11 February 1973 in Larissa, Greece *metaxohori, larissa, thessaloniki, athens, 
corinth, castoria, souflion, sondershausen,
vienna, prague, weimar, rome,
berlin, leipzig, krakow, genoa,
lisbon, enschede, halle (saale), paris,
saarbruecken, marburg, stuttgart, bern

… are very important stations in his life… 

Many of his [video]works have been shown in numerous renowned film /media / art events, festivals, museum and gallery shows, in more than 100 cities of europe, america and asia...

he has been [video]strolling (in) more than 70 cities, At this moment, he is [video]strolling through the city of marburg (d)...

He has created under different personae: artwertease® (2010.08 - ), kon/spira[l]to® (2019.04 - ), c(h)oronographe® (2020.04 - ) and demaskirre® (2020.04 - ).


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