Phantom Muyu Part 1
幻電木魚 (上)
Peace Wong / WONG Chun-hoi / YUNG Tsz-hong
王和平 / 王鎮海 / 翁子康
15‘ 45” | 16:9 | 2020 | HD digital
Location : Hong Kong, Taiwan 香港、臺灣
Part 1:
Can we have the illustrations for the lyrics book before we do the music?


Spirits captured:
a camera is being replaced by a projector
the most concealed, the most disclosed in the open 
you can find a voice coil in both microphones and speaker cones
words repeat themselves until they make no sense
oh sing “wine is our road”
Guanyin in full fluidity knows all sounds.

The ritual of the Exquisite Corpse: we squeezed and stretched our thoughts every other week until they filled up the 15 minutes. None of the above happened.

Part 1



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YUNG Tsz-hong graduated from the School of Creative Media, the City University of Hong Kong, likes bizarre creative methods and ideas. Short film works include Nooning, Victoria and Wilhelm and Phantom Muyu.

Peace Wong creates and performs with her voice, breathing, words, toys, guitar, sampling and sound looper. A current MFA student in Creative Writing at National Dong Hwa University in Hualien, Taiwan, she released her debut concept album, About a Stalker, in late 2018. A collection of intimate bedroom monologues, murmurs and whispers from an avid onlooker humming to her microphone as a tribute to her online crushes. She also doodles sometimes under a pseudonym, 17ping.

WONG Chun-hoi’s works mainly involve sound and electronics. His sound performance and temporary broadcast station work has been exhibited in various places in Asia. He was also the co-curator of “Around Sound Art Festival (2013/2014)” (organized by soundpocket). Hoi’s sideline as a sound designer and engineer allows him to work with independent filmmakers and animators. Floating Projects, which he manages, also strives to provide discussion and display space for different types of sound creation locally.


王和平以人聲、唸白、呼吸、文字、結他、玩具、取樣、循環音碎效果器創作及表演。目前就讀國立東華大學華文文學研究所創作組。她於2018年末發行音樂專輯《路人崇拜 About a Stalker》,向她異常依戀過的在線路人致敬。有時會以化名王十七平(五歲)塗鴉。

王鎮海的創作主要涉及電子及聲音,其演出及電台廣播的創作於亞洲多地展出。曾參與「聽在 聲音藝術節」(2013/2014 聲音掏腰包主辦)的策展工作,副業為一腳踢聲音設計師,參與過多個獨立電影及動畫的配樂及聲音後期製作,其主理的「據點。句點」亦極力為不同類型聲音創作提供討論及展示空間。

Keywords 關鍵字

Eternal, Reverse process